At Mortal Frenemies, the fun, and the pun, is always intended. And for us, nothing is more fun than creating new games and seeing people enjoy playing them. Thinking of a new game idea is the easy part! We've got tons of ideas. The hard part is creating the initial prototype, painfully playtesting it for the first time, scrapping the first prototype, making another prototype, playtesting, scrapping, creating, playtesting, tweaking, playtesting, tweaking, and on and on and on. Eventually, after all that playtesting and tweaking you end up with a solid game. Then, it just has to be made and sold, which is another hard part!

We are working hard to bring our games to life, and depend on the kindness of friends, family, fellow game designers, and strangers. We are always looking for playtesters and reviewers. Please contact us if you’re interested. 




If you’re looking for an easy-to-learn and quick-to-play party game with infinite replayability, Lord of the Things is the game for you. We guarantee it's the only game available where the Lord of Deli Meats could be facing off with the Lord of Things You Wouldn't Buy at a Garage Sale. Find out more. 




Cats and Aliens! What could be better? In this game of social deduction, players are cats moving around a house interacting with humans to earn looks, pets, and treats. Everything is great in this happy household, except one of the cats is secretly an alien sent from space! The cats have to figure out who the alien is before they escape from the house with all the recorded information. 



Given a set of letters and a selected profession, players develop a fictional organization and its tagline before time runs out. You present your idea to other players who vote on their favorites. You’re probably thinking WTF (Wow, That’s Fun!), and you're right! We promise this game will have you hooked ASAP (A Second After Playing). Reach out if you'd like to playtest this game... we'd love to have your feedback!



Y'all know a group of crows is called a murder, right? Crows vs. Curmudgeons is a goofy little card game that is an ode to wordplay. Each player is a curmudgeon living on a cul-de-sac that has been overrun by pesky crows. The crows, who just want to be together, are attempting to form a murder; while the curmudgeons, who hate the crows (like they do each other and everything else), want to murder the crows. The goal is to have killed more crows and have fewer living crows in your yard than your neighbors by the end of the game. It sounds violent, but the only real danger is gut-busting laughter. And just so no one gets any terrible ideas, you'd never really want to kill a crow because they can recognize faces and hold grudges (and they have very pointy beaks and sharp talons) so be cool.