The Ladies of Mortal Frenemies

The long-time mortal frenemies who founded Mortal Frenemies, LLC are Kate and Tina. We met in Denver in 2001 while serving in the AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps. Since then, we’ve managed to cultivate a friendship rooted in mockery, nit-picking, and semi-friendly competition. We’re now doing our best to ruin that friendship entirely by starting a game company together!

Lord of the Things is our first game. We have been playing a version of it since we met, and it’s based on a game Kate has played with her family since childhood. Over the years, we talked idly about how we could make it an actual game, but we had no idea where to start. Then, in 2017, fittingly while at an AmeriCorps reunion, we both ended up waylaid by the flu. Unable to join our friends for their snowshoeing adventure, we began thinking about our own next adventures. We put pen to paper and made a prototype and a plan.

As anyone who has ever tried to make a game – or probably anyone who has ever tried to make anything – will tell you, coming up with the idea is the easy part! We soon learned there was a helpful, creative, and thriving game design community just waiting to help us learn about everything we didn’t  know we needed to know. We went to Protospiel in Cleveland, learned new vocabulary like orthogonally adjacent and meeple, and played more games in one year than in our combined lifetimes. We playtested Lord of the Things and we tweaked, tested, tweaked, tested, and so on. And all along the way, people kept asking to buy a copy. So here we are!

Though starting Mortal Frenemies is a new, and very different adventure for us, in many ways it is a continuation of the work we’ve always done. Throughout our lives, we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how to make the world a better place – from our time in AmeriCorps working on service projects all across the country, to our careers working in the nonprofit sector. We started Mortal Frenemies as a way to make the world a little bit better by making it a little more fun.

Our mission is to help friends, families, and strangers connect, laugh, and make happy memories.


 This is us celebrating our achievement of visiting all 50 US states,
but we'll pretend it's us celebrating the launch of Mortal Frenemies!

Please help us spread the fun!

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  1. Buy Lord of the Things™ from Mortal Frenemies.™ Thanks a million, Party Game Pioneers!
  2. Play Lord of the Things with your friends, family, complete strangers, and frenemies… in public… loudly and proudly. Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd!
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  9. Share your ideas with us. We are releasing Lord of the Things as the Beta Version for Alpha Dogs. We know the game will continue to evolve and if you have any thoughts you’d like to share, we’d love to hear them. 
  10. Buy Lord of the Things again! It makes a great gift for any occasion or no occasion at all. Show your love by giving the gift of cathartic competition.