Lord of the Things

Declare yourself the Lord of Cheeses, Diseases, Adhesives, or nearly anything else in this creative party game from Mortal Frenemies. 

Lord of the Things

Lord of the Things is the game for you

The Word on the Street

"It's simple to learn and easy to play, but has enough little quirks to make it fun and keeps your heart racing!"

- Anna

"Extremely entertaining! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time and I couldn't stop laughing."

- Dave

"Fast-paced, brain buster!"

- Rachel

"This game raises my blood pressure and lowers my self-esteem. But I love it!"

- Suz

"It was quick and it was competitive. It was super fun to play a few quick rounds and it was a fun little bonding experience."

- Amy

"I don't really like games, but this one is actually pretty fun."

- Trevor